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Healthcare management

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Healthcare management

Statement on Healthcare

Jun Tanaka
President, Executive Officer, and CEO
WingArc1st Inc.

The WingArc1st Group believes that our employees are our most important asset, and that their performance is the key to realizing the Group's vision of "Empower Data, Innovate the Business, Shape the Future".

Ensuring employees' mental and physical health is paramount to maximizing performance.

The Group gives the highest priority to maintaining and improving the health of its employees, and provides various modes of support so that employees can work in the best condition, both physically and mentally.

Healthcare Management Promotion System

We promote health management as an important corporate strategy. Senior management, as well as the director in charge of human resources and organizational culture, are responsible for promoting health management.
We have also established the Wellness Promotion Office, an organization dedicated to health management. This office plans and promotes health management measures in cooperation with wellness leaders and ensures that each and every employee is aware of the importance of health management. We also work closely with the health insurance association (Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association) to actively promote collaborative health.

Diagram of Healthcare Management Promotion System

WingArc1s't Healthcare Management Strategy

Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Executive Officer, Head of Human Resources, Organizational Culture and Sustainability, and Wellness Promotion Manager
WingArc1st Inc.

We promote 100% remote work as part of our efforts to encourage diverse work styles. While self-managing and working autonomously, employees are expected to engage in smooth, free and vigorous communication with each other to promote business and maximize performance even though they cannot see each other directly.

To this end, we will promote and spread health promotion throughout the company, at each workplace, and at each individual policy level to improve the mental and physical condition of each employee, as well as to create a comfortable work environment and enhance work-life balance, leading to increased happiness at work and work engagement. Through these efforts, we aim to reduce the loss of presenteeism and absenteeism throughout the company.

WingArc1st health management strategy map Actively communicate the details of our initiatives outside of the company and share our health management expertise

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WingArc1st health management strategy map

WingArc1st health management strategy map Actively communicate the details of our initiatives outside of the company and share our health management expertise

Healthcare Management Promotion Concepts

We have established five concepts for the promotion of health management. These concepts are shared by all stakeholders in the planning and promotion of all initiatives, and we promote health management without wavering.

①Enjoyable health management based on communication
In order to form a work environment that guarantees psychological safety, we emphasize the promotion of casual communication. For this reason, all of our measures incorporate perspectives that generate communication among employees. As a result, employees are motivated to participate because it is fun and because they have the opportunity to talk with colleagues about things other than work.
②Health management initiatives using our products
When implementing health measures, we actively utilize our own products, including data visualization and chat-based communication. This has provided an opportunity for employees to deepen their understanding of the company's products and explore new ways to utilize them, and has created a sense of independence on the part of both the employees who describe the measures and the employees who participate in them.
③Health management through bottom-up x top-down approach
The Wellness Committee, which consists of wellness leaders from various divisions and offices nationwide, shares health-related information and engages in unique discussions and ideas for the promotion of various measures. When implementing measures decided on from the bottom up, management executives actively participate and encourage their members to take part, and other measures are implemented company-wide through a combination of top-down initiatives.
④Health management through interaction with outside companies
In considering and promoting health measures, we do not think entirely on our own, but actively exchange opinions with health management experts and other companies. We are always trying to improve by receiving feedback on our own approaches and ideas, as well as good ideas and know-how from other companies. We also offer our know-how to companies that are going to start health management, which gives them an opportunity to constantly review their own efforts.
⑤Health management Involving the Entire Company
Through items 1 to 4 above, we are evolving to deliver health management that resonates with all employees. KPIs are set for all measures and monitored on a monthly and annual basis to promote timely consideration of countermeasures based on changes in numerical values, resulting in an extremely high participation rate in the measures.

Details of Health Investment Policies

  • PDF 1. Cultivate health awareness throughout the company (Japanese)
  • PDF 2. Prevent serious illnesses (Japanese)
  • PDF 3. Try diverse workstyles (Japanese)

Effects of Health Management Initiatives

As a result of the lifestyle-related efforts, improvements were seen in all categories, including exercise, diet, sleep, alcohol consumption, and smoking, with particularly large improvements in the ratio of those with exercise habits and the smoking rate.
The group whose lifestyle score improved over the past year improved their presenteeism loss ratio by 2.05%, while the group whose lifestyle score worsened increased their presenteeism loss ratio by 0.45%.

Indicator Meaning of the number Actual
2018 2019 2020 2021
Percentage of those who exercise twice a week for at least 30 minutes per session.
The higher the better - 21.4% 26.9% 32.9%
Percentage of those who have dinner within 2 hours before bedtime at least 3 times a week
The lower the better - 38.5% 18.0% 16.4%
Percentage of those who are well rested from sleep
The higher the better - 55.4% 70.3% 71.2%
Percentage of those who drink occasionally or every day and who drink 2 or more gou of sake (360ml or more) equivalent per day on drinking days
The lower the better - 21.8% 19.3% 17.0%
Percentage of those who smoke cigarettes
The lower the better - 21.1% 18.3% 14.4%

Percentage change in presenteeism loss with improvement/worsening of lifestyle score(2020→2021)

lifestyle score Presenteeism Loss Percentage Change graph

As a result of the mental health care measures taken through individual and workplace approaches, the work environment improved in terms of support from supervisors and coworkers, psychological safety, and a sense of unity in the workplace.
The group with an improved work environment also improved their work engagement, while the group with a deteriorated work environment also experienced a decline in work engagement. The group with improved work engagement improved their presenteeism loss ratio by 1.56%, while the group with worsened work engagement increased their presenteeism loss ratio by 1.82%.

Indicator Meaning of the number Actual
2019 2020 2021
Support from managers The higher the better 8.28pt 8.68pt 8.75pt
Support from colleagues The higher the better 8.46pt 8.60pt 8.65pt
Psychological safety The higher the better 2.68pt 2.88pt 2.92pt
Sense of unity at work The higher the better 2.87pt 2.97pt 3.02pt

Changes in Work Engagement as Work Environment Improves/Deteriorates (2020→2021)

Changes in Work Engagement graph

Change in Presenteeism Loss Ratio with Improvement/Deterioration in Work Engagement (2020→2021)

Change in Presenteeism Loss Ratio with Improvement/Deterioration in Work Engagement graph
PDF Report Results and target figures for initiatives and survey(Japanese)

Dissemination of Health Management Initiatives

We will actively communicate the content and results of our initiatives, share our health management know-how with society as a whole, and contribute to the creation of a society where people can work in good health.
From FY2021 to FY2022, we shared our know-how with a total of 174 companies and university students by speaking at various events.

FY2021 - FY2022 Results

7 Apr 2021 Seminar hosted by ONE COMPATH (60 companies joined)
10 Nov 2021 Business Policy Forum, Japan (14 companies joined)
26 Nov 2021 Seminar hosted by Kanto ITS health insurance association (24 companies joined)
17 Jan 2022 Seminar hosted by ONE COMPATH (70 companies joined)
19 Aug 2022 Student Research in Health Management (21 participants from 6 universities)

Evaluation of Health Management

As a result of these initiatives, WingArc1st has been selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) as one of the Health Management Stocks of 2023. This category recognizes companies listed on the TSE that have excellent health management practices.

In addition, for the third year in a row, WingArc1st has been recognized as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (Large enterprise category: White 500).

For the third year in a row, the Japan Sports Agency has recognized WingArc1st as a "Sports Yell Company 2023". This title is awarded to companies that actively promote and support sports activities to improve the health of their employees.

In addition, the company-wide walking event, in which more than 80% of employees participated under full remote working conditions was highly evaluated and won the Grand Prix in the e-Communication Grand Prix sponsored by Monthly General Affairs and the Theme Category Award (communication, collaboration, team building) in the Work Story Award 2021 sponsored by at-Will Work.

Evaluation of Health Management