Basic policy on countering antisocial forces

WingArc1st Inc.

The Company categorically rejects any involvement with antisocial forces and shall refrain from any conduct that would promote such interaction. As a matter of policy, the Company is committed to confronting such forces with a resolute stance and shall adhere to the policy as follows:

  • 1.The Company will mobilize the entire organization to deal with antisocial forces and make sure that our employees are safe from antisocial forces;
  • 2. The Company will establish close links of coordination with outside specialized agencies in order to prevent damage and harm caused by antisocial forces;
  • 3. The Company will have no relationships, business relationships or otherwise, with antisocial forces;
    The Company will reject improper requests made by antisocial forces;
  • 4. Where required, the Company will implement legal measures in response to improper requests from antisocial forces;
  • 5. The Company will refrain from backroom deals and providing funds to antisocial forces.