Sustainability: Social initiatives

Sports support

Related goals

  • 3. Good health and well-being
  • 4. Quality education
  • 5. Gender equality
  • 8. Decent work and economic growth
  • 10. Reduced inequalities
  • 16. Peace, justice, and strong Institutions

Sports support

BMX Athlete Rim Nakamura

WingArc1st wants to contribute to the establishment and expansion of competitions and the development of athletes by using our data utilization technology and expertise. As part of this goal, WingArc1st has signed a sponsorship contract with professional BMX freestyle athlete, Rim Nakamura.

On January 22, 2020, the Company opened WingPark1st (WingArc1st BMX Freestyle Park), the world's first park that analyzes the movements of BMX riders.

The park is the world's first dedicated BMX freestyle park that makes use of our data utilization technology and knowledge. It is equipped with sensors and cameras for monitoring the movements of BMX riders, and the data acquired is visualized for performance analysis. Moving forward, the Group will continue our initiatives and support an environment where data can be used for sports.

Snowboard Sponsor

As Japan's only representative snow-sports organization for the disabled, the Japan Para-Ski Federation (a not-for-profit organization) works to promote snow sports as well as improve athlete performance.

As a snowboard sponsor, WingArc supports the Federation with the aim of promoting the participation of people with disabilities and the creation of a vibrant, harmonious society. Open in a new window

In addition, as a pro bono service, we are also involved in the planning, introduction, and operation of specialized training programs to promote D&I in the federation. (Japanese) 別画面で開く