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In our current era, technologies such as AI and automation play a key role in society. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway.

As industrial structures, corporate organizations, and workstyles are forced to change dramatically, we believe that people's ways of thinking are also diversifying, and our sense of values are undergoing a major transformation.

In the midst of this surge of activity, we have been earnestly considering and discussing the significance of our existence and what we can do to contribute to society.

We believe that society will see data as a valuable new resource in the future. It is our strong desire to meet those expectations and have incorporated new aspirations in our corporate vision as The Data Empowerment Company.
Data Empowerment means maximizing the value of data and bringing innovation to business to transform the world and create a new future. We ourselves have seen how mastering data can bring about innovation. We believe our experiences are assets that we can use to give back to society.

As we work together as a team to realize our corporate vision, we have also began to evaluate our values.
In the course of our discussions, we realized that the source of our strength is the trust of our customers. We have achieved sustainable growth by striving to exceed our customers' expectations and connecting loops of trust. We want to place importance on this value system of going beyond for our customers and being trusted by them.

We believe in the potential of technology and people, and have a strong desire to use technology to make the world a better place. Furthermore, we are challenging ourselves with creating an organization where each employee can become a hero. An environment where each employee can see change as their driving force and achieve self-sustaining growth through their work. We hope that this culture can contribute to sustainable growth in society.

We will continue to work with everyone to create a new world and a future full of hope.

President, Executive Officer and CEO Jun Tanaka
WingArc1st Inc.