Founder's message

"Information is a source of value creation.
By providing innovative software and services that empower customers to make better use of data, we are contributing to business and society. "

This statement clarifies the mission and philosophy that will lead our company through the coming era.

We created SVF (Super Visual Formade) software as a common sense solution for the IT industry, which was spending excessive time developing forms.

This proprietary technology enabled Dr.Sum to instantly aggregate and visualize massive data from various sources - a task that was extremely difficult in the past.

To innovate and create something genuinely new, one must first renew oneself and adopt new values. We believe our continuous effort, ingenuity and willingness to evolve will lead to new breakthroughs.

Time and time again, WingArc1st has spiritedly tackled technically and economically difficult tasks to surprise customers with products that exceed their expectations. Our challenging spirit is driven by a customer-first approach and entrepreneurial mindset.

I like the word "passion" because I believe we can overcome any obstacles when our employees are fervently driven.
As we enter an era of business revolving around technologies like cloud, IoT and AI,

WingArc1st is passionately driven to take on new challenges and change the world.

Hiroyuki Uchino, Founder and Chairman
WingArc1st Inc.